Meet the Team

The Leadership Team at Leela Anand International consists of some of the most dynamic people across the Globe. They bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Pinal B. Rao


Pinal has had a long and illustrious career with BMW. As CEO and Founder of Shreya Holdings, he has invested his time in the trade of minerals and jewelry business along with investments in large turnkey projects across the globe.
With global investments in North America, South America, Middle East, and Asia, he brings experience and leadership into the organization.

Xama Rao


She is a finance professional with experience spanning the entire gamut of finance with the additional responsibility of overseeing Global Procurement,  Legal & Compliance function. During her tenure with Global Companies, she has held several leadership positions looking after strategic initiatives, financial planning, treasury, insurance, global taxation, investor relations, business finance, contracting, legal and compliances.

Dr. Chetan Shah


Dr. Shah is a leading ENT specialist in New Jersey. He is also one of the Directors in Leela Anand International and also in charge of the Gold Fund.

Sanjay Brahmbhatt

Managing Director

Sanjay has a career spanning over 3 decades in investments, trading, and exploration in the mining field. He has a global experience spreading across Asia, Middle East, Africa, and South America. He brings to the company the on-ground experience and eye for detail to the Mining and Trading industry